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Dale Maxfield
John Maxfield
Hydro Mafia
Smokin Voodoo Playboys
Still Point
Sid Sowder
August Project
Blue Sky
Ex Patriot Smugglers
Forrest Whitlow
The Super Nauts
The Day After
Boot Hill
The Hand
Cosmic Taxi
Electra Complex
Retro Active
Victor Stands
Folk/Singer Song Writer

Rechelle Malin

Kathy Forste
Super Clyde
Chamber of Poets
Song Writers Circle (various artists)
Juanita Clayton
Natalie Clark
Darin Crisman
The Kemps
Jeff Graham
Connie Wollenhaupt
Ben Rekettke
Mark Curtright
Lezlie Revell
Roy Snider
Lisa Moritz
Ed Bethard
Sherry Lawson
Ed Bethard
Becky Stiener
Marty Wall
Blues Busters
Fresh Brew
Funk Syndicate
Code Blue
FAM Entertainment Group
Mark Murphy
Leon Davis (Big Belly Records)